Making Your Intranet Work

...Improve knowledge management and knowledge sharing

Making Your Intranet is a hands-on one-day, on-site workshop aimed at intranet managers and content creators. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen knowledge management, knowledge sharing, and collaboration by harnessing the power of your coporate intranet. Topics include:

Whether you're intranet has become an untamable repository or your employees aren't using it as you like, this workshop guides you and them- step-by-step - in creating usable, searchable documents that will encourage employees to share knowledge and seek out answers. Tips for creating metacontent and wikis will be included as will processes for managing document workflow and up-datedness.

The workshop may be customized to fit your particular needs at no additional cost. The cost of the one-day course on your site is $425 (USD) per person (minimum of six attendees; maximum of 18), plus travel. Get more detailed information by emailing us.or call us at 617-285-9068. Workshops are taught in English and can be held anywhere in the world.