About WordsWork Consulting, Inc


Jennifer Hicks, CEO and president, started the business in 1996 in a suburb just outside Boston. Since that time, the company has experienced tremendous growth and has grown from a one-person show to an organization with offices in Boston, London, and scenic Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Hicks' background in education, administration, and healthcare enables the company to keep pace with and provide solutions for the growing demands companies face with their internal and external publications.


Clients have ranged from start-ups to companies in the Fortune 500. A brief representative sample includes the U.S. Coast Guard, the Internal Revenue Service, Austin Energy, Pfizer, Mosby Consumer Health, Aetna Health, Merck, Hartford Life, the Annenberg Foundation, Alliance Capital Management, Jones & Bartlett, Lernout & Hauspie, DynoMed, Cahners Publications, MedNet, the Nemours Foundation, the March of Dimes, Kids Health, Wiley Technical Insights, Consumer Search, Sight Street, WorldCare, WorldWide Medical Communications, and About.com.


Projects have ranged from small writing projects of only a few thousand dollars to long-term corporate communications and Web-site development and training in the many thousands of dollars.


Our mission is simple:

We provide the content you need to create the knowledge you want your clients and customers to have.

Our Promise

We deliver top-notch pieces of communication - to spec and on deadline- for both traditional print and new media publications. We provide personalized, powerful workshops that develop in-house talent for your communication needs. Our emphasis since inception has been on providing content for the Web and training in how to do it best.

Contact Information:

Email:   info@wordswork.com
Corporate Offices: 
P.O. Box 211
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Phone: 617-285-9068
Fax: 617-849-5858